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Georgia O'Keeffe        
                  Frida Kahlo



Limited to 12 Participants

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Image: Frida Kahlo
Still Life with Parrot, Frida Kahlo – 1951

"Look at this watermelon, Piquuitos! It’s an amazing fruit. On the outside, it's a wonderful green color, but on the inside, there's this strong and elegant red and white.
Then there’s the pitahaya. It is fuchsia on the outside and hides the subtlety of a whitish-gray pulp flecked with little black spots that are seeds inside.
This is a wonder! Fruits are like flowers:
they speak to us in a provocative language
and teach us things that are hidden."
                                                ~ Frida Kahlo

Deep appreciation of the Beauty & Life Force evident in Plants revealed itself both in Beautiful paintings as well as Gardens well tended, Local Cultures Honored and Meals lovingly prepared. We focus on 2 artists who lived this Inspiration.

GEORGIA O’KEEFFE’S paintings of flowers & fruits are well known. She also created a beautiful garden full of pure ingredients for her kitchen as well as flowers for her soul. We’ll use her Cookbook as a guide to follow in her footsteps:

A PAINTERS KITCHEN: Recipes from the kitchen of Georgia O’Keeffe, by Margaret Wood

FRIDA KAHLO reveled in the lusciousness of fruits and she painted them enthusiastically. Cooking for her was a Celebration, it was about Life’s Fiestas, the joy of sharing Traditional foods with friends & family.

FRIDA’S FIESTAS: Recipes & Reminiscences of Life With Frida Kahlo by Guadalupe Rivera and Marie-Pierce Colle

Renoir painted luncheon scenes, Cezanne could not get enough of apples, Monet loved pears & grapes, O'Keeffe saw flowers & fruit with a new eye, and Frida got ecstatic over watermelons. This deep appreciation of Lusciousness easily transferred from painting into the kitchen, where care was taken for food reverently prepared with an eye to all its Beauty as well as Taste. In our unique TAS experience we will enjoy many aspects of this appreciation by: Visiting O’Keeffe’s Garden & Kitchen; Seeing some great Art; Preparing inspired meals under the expert guidance of a skilled chef; Learning how to photograph fresh produce with a professional photographer; and picking fresh Raspberries.

Our Experience

This is a hands-on experience. You will join a small group of like-minded people as we enjoy the beauty and taste of food lovingly prepared, gathered from it’s source, inspired by Artists.

  • Enjoy a private tour of Georgia O’Keeffe’s Kitchen and Garden.
  • Have lunch at a local vineyard to sample New Mexico wines.
  • Explore a local farmer’s market to select fresh ingredients and savor the visual delights of a Fall Harvest Cornucopia. Spend time in a Kitchen on 2 days learning to create wonderful dishes and shared community.
  • Visit local Organic Gardens, Farms, and Greenhouses.
  • Share a picnic along the Mighty Rio Grande river.
  • Meet locals who are passionate about the food they grow & cook.
  • Create a final feast to share together from Artist inspired recipes with local fresh ingredients.

Feel free to Call us for more information about this workshop.
We love to chat about our classes.

For further reading:

Recipes from the kitchen of Georgia O’Keeffe, by Margaret Wood



Recipes and Reminiscences of Life with Frida Kahlo by, Guadalupe Rivera and Marie-Pierce Colle



by R. C. Gorman & Virginia Dooley

Seeds of Inspiration for Women Who Write. by Gayle




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