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Limited to 10 Participants
The Class

Our inspiration comes from
the beautiful Horses
that are actually IN class
at all times!
(pats are encouraged)
Bring Carrots



This is the perfect class
for the closet artist who says:
"I love Art and Horses,
but I can't draw
a stick figure."


Image: Opulento with Bones
Students participate in the ‘drawing-of-the-bones’ to help us understand how a horse is put together.

This course is for the complete novice who feels as if there is an irrepressible image of a horse inside, waiting to come out on paper or canvas. OK, so maybe you were a horse till you were twelve !

Or perhaps you don't even know when it started; but you've always had a passion for anything equine: You especially loved images of the horse, collected books, and doodled a bit. If this sounds familiar, then we have designed a workshop especially for you.

Alt: Horse painting at Taos Art School

This class is limited to 10 participants in order to ensure lots of individual attention.


We'll start with simple gestures to get you going, then move on to specific exercises to help you learn how to capture the complex shape that is a horse. A favorite exercise is the actual 'drawing-on-the-horse.' Yes, our patient white Arab shown above, lets us draw all the bones directly on him with a washable marker. He is then lunged so students can really get a sense of how a horse is hinged together.

You can even go for a ride on a rental horse in our beautiful mountains at the end of the day. This is a heavenly vacation.

Image: Horse Drawing for complete beginners
Sample Exercise

Please feel free to call us about this workshop.
We love to chat about our classes.

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