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This course is designed for the complete novice. If you have always wanted to try your hand at painting, if you have been drawn to art for years but weren’t sure if you could do it, if you feel there are things you want to express about what you see and feel - then this workshop is for you. We have set up a very supportive environment under the gentle, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable guidance of Bill Arms, that will bring out the artist in you. This introduction to oil painting will cover the nitty-gritty, basic facts of painting, while addressing the emotional blocks that keep us from creating and accomplishing the self-expression that is truly our birthright. We will be working in the studio part of the time, with a couple of afternoons out in the ‘big-sky-country’of the awesome Taos landscape.

"In every human being there is the artist, and whatever the activity, he has an equal chance with any to express the results of his contact with life"
             ~ ROBERT HENRI
This student
(to the right)
had never before picked up a brush, and this
is her painting
on day three
of the ‘Complete Beginner’ class!
Because we understand that you can’t begin to buy art stuff until you know what you need, as well as how to use it . . . we provide all materials: Oil paints, brushes, brush cleaner, use of an easel, palettes, and 10 stretched canvases. Also included is a wonderful book: ART CLASS, A Complete Guide to Painting, 192 pages.
Please feel free to call us about this workshop.
We love to chat about our classes.
** CLASS SIZE - The workshop is limited to 10 participants in order to ensure lots of individual contact with the teacher.


This workshop is held in the Teacher's very own Art Studio. Being in a professional artist's space is an extraordinary privilege as well as a great learning opportunity. In a 'real' working art studio, there is, of course, - great light; lots of space; ample walls for display; counter space, storage space, sinks, good ventilation, etc. But even more important, are the things the artist relies on for inspiration - mementos on the wall, favorite objects, a few books, sketches in progress and more. Thus, the Space itself nourishes your experience as well as the Lessons.

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