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V A L L E   V I D A L

The Valle Vidal, The Valley of Life, is a lush mountain basin, located in the heart
of New Mexico's Sangre de Cristo Mountains.
It is well protected multiple acre home to a magnificent elk herd and other abundant wildlife.
For painters, the vistas of high peaks, forests, and alpine meadows are uniquely inspiring.
Our class will have special permitted access to spend a glorious day here.


Image: Valle Vital in New mexico
SkyTruth / EcoFlight

Image: Valle vital in New Mexico
Casey Perkins


Image: Image:The Wild Rivers Recreation Area is located within the Río Grande Del Norte National Monument and along the Río Grande Wild and Scenic River and Red River Wild and Scenic River.  Our students will experience the beauty of an 800-foot deep canyon sliced into volcanic flows by the Río Grande (Spanish for Great River) and Red River where they come together. Several spectacular overlooks are found here, including La Junta Point, one of the most dramatic views in the state, overlooking the confluence of the Red River and the Río Grande. The canyon ecosystem descends 800 feet from rim to river, creating a unique diversity in plant and animal life.  Ancient piñon and juniper forests include 500 year-old trees.  Watchable wildlife opportunities include mule deer, red-tailed hawk, mountain blue-bird, and prairie dog.  The climate is semi-arid with summer thunderstorms common in July and August, and snow possible from November through March.  Summer temperatures range from 45 to 90F and in winter from -15 to 45F.

Image: Image:

Image:    Image:




Image: Abiquiu

Abiquiu was the hometown of Georgia O'Keeffe for many years. Here she found enough inspiration in the landscape to last a lifetime. The mountains offer an impossible combination of colors beyond the expected magnificence of reds and oranges into many shades of purple. There is one place called "The White Place" which is a canyon filled with other worldly spires of pure white reminiscent of a Goudy sculpture. Here the eye discovers subtlety in the shadows and reflections. Our class will spend a day painting here, walking in Georgia's footsteps. While in Abiquiu we will see Pedernal, the mountain Georgia O'Keeffe painted many, many times. When asked if she thought she owned it, she said:
"Well, God told me if I painted it enough, I could have it."


Fall colors in Abiquiu's Chama River

Image: Abiquiu, Pedernal, Plein Air, pleinair painting in Georgia O'Keeffe's back yard
Ghost Ranch with Pedernal in the background.

Image: Pleain Air Painting Class in Georgia O'Keeffe Back yard
Taos Art School Participant painting in "The White Place"



Taos Art School painting class
an inspirational day
at The White Place,
in Abiquiu.

Image: The White Place, Georgia O'Keeffe plein air painting class
"The White Place," Abiquiu, NM

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