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A Primer for Equine Painters
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Medium: Oil Paint or Pastel

"Perspective is
to painting
what the bridle
is to a horse."


    OK, so you've gotten started. But what's the next step. You love horses and feel a passion within you to express that feeling on Canvas or paper You can put the paint on that canvas, but there's a nagging awareness that something is missing. You're not real pleased with the results you're seeing. That horse isn't looking like a real horse, he doesn't seem to be part of his surroundings, the whole effect is 'amateurish'. Perhaps you started painting awhile ago, but don't know how to jump back in?

    This workshop can save you years of floundering around, not quite 'getting it" These are the finely honed principles passed down from the accumulated experience of successful artists for generations.

The Class

    We've designed a workshop for you concentrating on classic fundamentals, those traditional aspects of painting that separate good artists from the amateurs.". This will be an intense week, jam-packed with information and details with as much hands-on as we can manage to fit in. There will be a horse in class every day for direct examination and information gathering. (Pats are encouraged, tuck a few carrots in your paint box!)
    This workshop can save you years of floundering around, not quite 'getting it" These are the finely honed principles passed down from the accumulated experience of successful artists for generations.

      Come prepared for a very concentrated experience with more raw information offered than you can possible absorb in one week. As you return home to grow in your Artistic ability, this week will continue to be a road map indicating what to go back and learn more about as you encounter various situations. You'll leave with a basic understanding of each concept; a knowledge base to build on as you continue to grow as an artist, and a very full notebook of your own notes and exercises.

Daily Schedule

- ANATOMY : Here's where we start, and we have a unique way of doing it.
Our lovely white Arabian, Opulento (who loves his job !) is our 'nude model ' for this first day. With magic markers and anatomy books, we all get to take part in painting the bones directly on his coat. Then he is lunged so we can see how the bones articulate in motion. We'll take photographs, and do sketches and drawings as we deepen our understanding of this crucial aspect of Equine Art. We will also work with a skull in class in order to better understand just what is under those expressive eyes.
We start the morning with warm -up drawings from our life model.
Discussion about Composition, Perspective, and using Relationships as you develop a piece of art. Also, some notes about how to use the Camera as a help, not a trap.

Tuesday - DRAWING: Drawing is the foundation for a convincing depiction of the horse. Using the medium of pencil and paper, we will learn to use the tools of Gesture, Proportion, negative/positive Space, and the bed-bug Line that are essential to the equine artist.


Wednesday - VALUE : In a good painting, Value is merely everything. If you don't get this right, nothing else you do will really work. It makes things Look real & Feel right. It's all about relationships, and we'll practice with exercises that help you understand how to use this most critical tool. Using the medium of Black & White paint, we'll practice using the effects of light to create form and volume using the tools of Gesture, Edges, Halftones, & Reflected light

Thursday - COLOR : Knowing how to mix and use colors is essential to the success of your paintings. You will get a large boost of confidence once you understand the basic principles of Color theory and how to apply them to your work. Working with the painting medium, our goal is to find the natural color in Nature using the tools of:
Color-as-value, The color wheel, Warms and Cools, and, Broken color.
You will never mix 'mud' again !

Friday - To be Announced

Saturday - GALLERIES-: We'll spend the last day together looking at Equine art in local Galleries and Museums. This is a chance to use all the new vocabulary we've been learning as we look at many varieties of Equine art.

It is a day of Analyzing some good art and practicing our knowledge base as we travel to Santa Fe as well as Taos. We'll share Lunch together at the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum/Restaurant and the conversation is guaranteed to be lively and stimulating as we wind up this inspiring week.

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Students are invited to stay together at the a local hotel here in Taos along with the teachers.  This includes a full breakfast every morning with your group. Please call for more info.

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