Taos Art School

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$575, Materials Fee: $25 | Participants limited to 12
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We’ll immerse you in all that sustains our own creativity as you:

Come join us for a week in our
Taos New Mexico art colony.


Image: Painting by
Taos Mountain / Photo: John Farnsworth

"I think the Creative Process is not
about creating something else;
it’s about the process of creating who I am"
~ Mayumi Oda, Artist & Writer


http://taosartschool.org/images/mountain_sheep4.gif Visit private studios
http://taosartschool.org/images/mountain_sheep4.gif Enjoy music
http://taosartschool.org/images/mountain_sheep4.gif Join coffee house chats
http://taosartschool.org/images/mountain_sheep4.gif Let your hands Explore various creative projects.
We’ll enjoy:
Image: Sculpture
Image: Sound
Image: Ritual
Image: Storytelling
Image: Movement

...as you enter a supportive, non-judgmental environment that can generate a creative healing energy .


The Taos Art colony is blessed with exceptional beauty in its landscape, and we will take advantage of this with Picnics by the river, Walks in the mountains, and a harvesting visit to a Lovely garden.

By playing with Creative thinking we can encourage ourselves to be more inventive in all aspects of your life. You may wish to explore the path of becoming an artist, or, discover ways to ‘step-outside-of-the-box’ to find creative solutions to situations in your life. Or, you may simply wish to re-connect to the Creativity you feel hiding within you and see where it leads.

The ultimate goal is to live a richer, more satisfying life.



Image: Beautiful Garden


Students are invited to stay together at the Kachina Lodge along with the teacher.  
This includes a full breakfast every morning with your group before class.
6 Nights Lodging.   Check-in Sat. afternoon. Check-out Sun morning.    
Call the Kachina Lodge for reservations.

Please feel free to call us about this class.

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