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kjhWhite Swann (Dolly Joe Navasie), member of the water clan, was born in 1964 into the Hopi-Tewa Reservation. She is the daughter of the famous Eunice “Fawn” Navasie. White Swann was taught all the fundamentals of traditional pottery making at the age of 6, from her maternal Grandmother,
Poli-Ini. The famous, late Eunice “Fawn” Navasie (mother), taught White Swann how to paint traditional designs at the age of 17.

White Swann specializes in the handmade traditional Hopi pottery. All of her pottery is made from Mother Earth.The pottery is coiled the traditional way and fired outdoors with sheep dung. She uses a yucca, in which she fashions into a paint brush, to paint her intricate designs. Iron oxide rock is used for the maroon coloration, whereas the yellow clay provides the orange finish. She uses a polishing stone to polish her pottery that was passed down to her from Poli-ini (grandmother). White Swann is a strong believer in continuing family traditions. She is proud of making pottery because it is the way of life that has been passed down to her from her ancestors. She currently is mentoring her children so that they can take part of a tradition in which she is proud to be a part of, and hope that they will continue this unique style of art which she holds dear to her heart. She signs her pottery as: White Swann, followed by a graceful swan symbol.

White Swann was born into a gifted family of famous potters which includes: The late Eunice “Fawn” (mother), “Little Fawn” Navasie, Dawn Navasie (sisters), Darrell Navasie, Greg Navasie (brothers), and The famous Joy “2nd Frogwoman” Navasie.

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