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Entry for Dolly Joe Navasie by Gregory Schaaf, in American Indian Art Series, vol. 1: Hopi-Tewa Pottery (CIAC, Santa Fe, NM, 1998) pp. 119
White Swann

Image White Swann(Hopi, Water Clan, active 1970-present) BORN: July 9, 1964.
FAMILY: Daughter of Eunice Navasie (Fawn), sister of Dawn Navasie, Fawn (formerly "Little Fawn") Navasie, Darrell Navasie and Gregory Navasie; mother of Josh "Honhoya" Navasie, Marlaina "Snow" Joe, Chantel "Popovi" Joe, Cheri "Iyuh-Iya" Joe; niece of Justin & Pauline Setalla, and Perry & Joy Navasie (2nd Frog Woman)


  • San Bernadino Art Show, 1984, Third Place;
  • Museum of Northern Arizona, "Hopi Show," 1984 - First Place, 1994 - Third Place, 1995 - Third Place, 1998 - Best Booth & Third Place;
  • Lawrence Indian Art Show, 1994 - Honorable Mention;
  • Festival of American Indian Arts, Coconino Center, Flagstaff, AZ, 1994 - Honorable Mention, 1995 - Juror's Award;
  • Hopi Tu-tsootsvolla, Sedona, AZ, 1994 - Third Place, 1995 - Third Place, 1997 - Best Traditional Pottery, First & Second Place;
  • Pasadena Original American Indian & Relics Show, 1995 - Best of Show, First, 1996 - Best of Show


Image: White Swann

Image: White Swann

PUBLICATIONS: Dillingham 1994:60-61; American Indian Art Magazine, Spring 1996; Jacka & Jacka 1998

Dolly "White Swann" Joe is from the Hopi Reservation and resides in Snowbird Canyon. At age six she learned to work with clay from her maternal grandmother, Poli-Ini, who was losing her eyesight at the time. White Swann still uses the traditional coil method and the pigments are all natural. River rocks are used to polish the pottery. Sheep dung is used for firing outdoors on the ground.

At age seventeen, White Swann learned to paint pottery with much patience from her late mother, Fawn, who was well-known for her artwork.

"I enjoy creating artwork, because it is a way of life. I'm proud of my ancestors and the unique style they have passed down. I enjoy working clay with my children and am proud to say they too love the work of their ancestors. I enjoy showing my talent. I'm a people person."

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