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Limited to 12 participants
Level:  All levels of painters are welcome *
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It is a lovely thing to spend a day by the River.  The air is fresher there and beauty is everywhere. In this class you’ll get to spend 5 days Experiencing the Flow of the River as it encouragers peaceful breathing while inspiring a confident Flow onto your canvas. We’ll go to a different site each day, starting with the turbulent confluence pictured below.

      Other days we will visit a more placid stretch of the river to capture beautiful reflections.  Mid week, students are invited to spend ½ day actually on the river taking

part in an optional, professionally guided rafting experience. One afternoon a hike is optional, however, all painting sites are accessible by car followed by a short walk.

      After breakfast, we head to a beautiful spot on the river to set up our equipment.  Each day there will be a demonstration, in one of three mediums, followed by lots of individual assistance.  You may work in any painting medium of your choice: Oil, Acrylic & Pastel.  Watercolor is also an option, but the teacher will not be demonstrating in this medium.

* Levels:  All levels of painters are welcome. We find that this works very well  since the class is small, and the teacher's personalized attention focuses on assisting each participant to grow beyond the level of confidence and expertise they find themselves in at the moment. However, we do insist that each participant be familiar with their equipment, able to set up on there own, and, most important, enthusiastic about spending great time painting.

Image: young woman by the Rio Grande
At the confluence of the Rio Grande and the Rio Pueblo

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