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“Just learn to become quiet,
and still, and solitary.
The world will freely offer itself
to you to be unmasked.
It has no choice; it will roll
in ecstasy at your feet.”

~ Franz Kafka

Image: The beautiful confluence of the Rio Grande and the Rio Pueblo

5% of your tuition is being donated to AMIGOS BRAVOS, an organization dedicated to preserving this Beautiful River.

It is a lovely thing, to spend a day by the River. The air is fresher there and Beauty is everywhere.

In this class you’ll get to spend 5 days letting the river flow thru you and learning how to let it flow thru your images.


Photo by Garaint Smith

Photo by Garaint Smith

We will go to a different site each day, starting with the turbulent confluence you see below.

Other days we will be on a more placid part of the river to capture beautiful reflections.

On Wed, Students are invited to spend ½ day actually on the river in a professionally guided rafting trip . We will delight in opening ourselves to Seeing this wondrous ribbon of life that flows thru the desert.

We will photograph the shimmering water itself, and all the things it nourishes, such as birds and other wildlife. Each day we will arrange for a critique session of the days work.

This will be on laptops for those doing digital photography, and utilizing 1 hour film turn around for others. On the days we spend extended time in one place, a picnic lunch will be arranged for us.


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