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Limited to 12 participants

This one day experience is offered as part of
our week-long Equine Photography class:
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Wild horses stir the Soul. To see them running free in the vast Western landscape is a deep reminder of the Harmony possible between the Land and the Creatures. Their alertness illuminates the boundry-less world they live in and are attuned to. Being with them can open up parts of ourselves.

Some are descendents of the first horses brought here on Christopher Columbus’s 2nd voyage in 1493. Although untouched by humans, these bands are accustomed to Judy’s respectful presence, and will permit small groups to approach on foot if they come with her. Hence the photographic opportunities, none of which will be staged or set up in any way. The vagaries of weather and the whims of wildness will be our companions on this adventure.

Feel free to Call us for more information about this wonderful workshop. We love to chat about our classes.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Read Carlos LoPopolo’s new book “The History of the Horse in the United States of America’s West, The Beginning.”

There is a superbly detailed chronological history of the horse in American and the origins of the Mustang in the New Mexico Horse Project Web-Site.


We’ll be observing Wild Horses in their natural setting, without interfering with their daily activities.
There will be opportunities both for distance shots as well as close-ups. No touching or feeding is permitted.

Feel free to Call us for more Information about this workshop.
We love to chat about our classes.

Photos by Judy Barnes


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