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Class limited to 12 participants

Some knowledge
of basic drawing helpful

Beverly Branch

This 5-day workshop will guide you through the basics of successful portrait painting.  We start with the building blocks, offering a systematic approach to the complexities of approaching this most demanding of subjects:  Drawing, Tonality, Color, Composition, Values, Edges, and Bone structure.  Then we move on to some of the nuances that bring a portrait to life: Ambiance, Mood, Lighting, and Setting. How do you find those abstract shapes?  How about the elusive Rhythm?

We work from life with 5-8 different models,  including:  A Native American, a Cowboy, a Child, a young woman and at least one ‘Taos Character’!  The settings will be varied - from a studio, a garden, leafy streamside, and one street sketch, as we learn to integrate the environment.   We’ll also cover the proper use of a photograph to complete your portrait.  Your Confidence is increasing!

One session will utilize a step-by-step process to approach a painting from start to finish. The rest of our time will involve one-on-one coaching to help diagnose and assist with any stumbling blocks you might be experiencing.  The class limit of only allowing 12 participants is unusual in many workshop experiences, and can be the cornerstone of your success here at THE TAOS ART SCHOOL.

Your experience will be greatly enhanced by being situated in this most famous of original art colonies: TAOS, high in the Rocky mountains of Northern New Mexico.  Our models will be unique, the landscape is breathtaking with at least one picnic by the Rio Grande,  and the coffee-house discussions can be deeply nourishing. 

Great food, too !     

Come join us.

About the Artist

Beverly Branch of Branch Art Studios in Taos, New Mexico, has devoted her working life to her art. She has worked as a successful illustrator. Her true love, however, has always been painting. Her portraits and fine art, as well as her illustrations, exemplify the joy she takes in both life and her art.

"As artists, we must find the courage to transcend our fear of failure, ridicule and incompetence. In order to answer that deep call within ourselves, in order to express our own unique visions, we first must trust our urgings and do something about it. We must ACT. If we hold our process in contempt, fear and dread will likely paralyze us.

A perfect studio, perfect model and the best brushes will never be our solution. We've all seen paintings that may be technically perfect yet leave us cold. They feel spiritually dead.

Although it is important to become comfortable with the mechanics of form, color, and anatomy, in my experience all those factors are learned by the act of painting, and with practice simply become second nature. You will find patience, hard work and perseverance to be your best allies. Allow yourself fun, freedom and focus. I look forward to meeting you !"

Image: Portrait by Beverly Branch - workshop at Taos Art School


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