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Image: Classic Trucks in the Landscape Painting Class Workshop Clarence Medina
Painted by Clarence Medina

You’re driving down a country road, and suddenly you see it – The Old Truck. It’s probably red. It could be sitting in a field, abandoned, with it’s classic curves blending into the hillside.

Or, you pass one that has been lovingly restored, its wooden sides gleaming with hand rubbed wax. You might even find one rusting behind a barn, still eager to tell its stories. Whenever we come across one of these timeless relics, the artist in all of us says "I want to take that home!" Well, now you can.

We’ve organized this unique excursion especially for Painters and Photographers. For five days we will guide you to some of the finest examples of Old Trucks from the Old West and show you how to take their stories home. We will travel to a different location each morning: a 1939 Studebaker ½ ton pick-up nestled in sunbaked farmland by the river; a mid-century Buick "woody" wagon inside an historic barn in the high country; a 1937 Hudson; a 1941 Ford, and more. Under the enthusiastic guidance of your teacher we will learn how to listen to, and then capture these narrative moments.

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Our theme of working with "machines in the garden" in the crisp light of Northern New Mexico, which offers a stress-free way to explore new creative territory. There are no judgments here – just a fun way to loosen up and play with color and expressive organic and sculptural shapes as you put yourself under the enigmatic spell of romantic old automobiles.

You might sense how tirelessly it once served the land it now rests on, or admire the beautiful simplicity of those curves. Do you hear a story of a farm wrested out of the landscape…of crops brought to market…of courting in the front seat… of pride in the first family vehicle? Are they a symbol for us of a Simpler Time? Each of these viewpoints is a direct inspiration that gives energy to the process of learning how to paint.

This workshop is appropriate both for Intermediate-Beginners who want to further their painting skills, as well as for the more experienced artist who welcomes the very special access we have created. All mediums are welcome, although the painting instruction will be Oil on Canvas.

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