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Paul Murray, painting, pastels, plein air, missions of new mexico
Painting by Paul Murray
About the Class:
      Imagine the lush summer colors and the billowing clouds in July, or the deep blue sky behind the intense autumn foilage in late September. Imagine recording your impressions in Pastel of the magical canyons and villages in and around Taos, New Mexico.
      This Plein Aire class will be "chasing light," starting in the morning. In order to be "onsite" in the morning, we will pick up a prearranged "breakfast burrito" and coffee on the way.
      Join us either in July or late September for a week of Plein Aire painting in Pastel in the clear air and saturated light of Northern New Mexico. These two classes are designed for pastelists who have some experience both in-studio and painting outside but would like to move up to the next level. We will learn how to deal with the amazingly clear vistas and enveloping light for which New Mexico is famous. The class will deal with surface techniques, controlling color, design and how to deal with the rapidly changing landscape of plein aire painting.

Painting by Paul Murray

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this wonderful workshop.
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Students wishing to take these classes should have basic drawing and color skills and have the resources for painting outside.

Classes will consist of daily demonstrations and on-site painting and instruction. Each class will be limited to 12 people – allowing ample time for individual attention.
Paul is noted for his unique textured painting surfaces and he will demonstrate how these are made and how to use them for the best effects. He will also provide a small number of sample panels coated with his surfaces.
The classes will spend quality time on important issues such as turning plein aire notes into a studio painting and at least one lecture/demo will be devoted to
photography, value ranges, visual and photographic latitude and plein aire painting.

Materials: You should bring your own outdoor painting set-up and a selection of surfaces/papers and both hard and soft pastels. When considering your color selection bare in mind both portability and ease of use and the colors of the southwest. A more specific materials list will be sent on registration.
Oil Painters Also Welcome - Call us for more information.

Pastels en Pleine Aire Materials List

Enough Panels/Paper for a couple of paintings a day for the week. I use Colorfix by Spectrum and Kitty Wallace. I also use panels which I make myself and I will be bringing up samples of the panels plus formulas for making the panels.

Plein Air kit, including easel, seat etc. I use one by Open Box M in Wyoming. (www.openboxm.com)

For pastels, I use two groups, hard and soft.
Hard pastels can be NuPastel, Rembrandt, Faber Castel/Polychrmos. For soft Pastels I use Great American with some Schminke and Terry Ludwig. I have a set of my choices in colors produced by Great American Pastels (www.greatpastels.com)

I think 80 to 100 hard pastel colors skewed to Southwest tones would be good. 100 to 150 soft pastels should work -- again skewed towards Southwest Colors.

Southwest colors would be sages, deep purples, rusts, deep yellows, some very pale yellows, gray blues, blue/periwinkle hues, deep greens and blues. Just a few primary colors.

Tissue/sketch pad and charcoal pencils/graphite pencils.

If you're using kitty Wallace/spectrum, a panel to tape/clip the paper to.

Lots of water & sun block. In the July class, an umbrella.

Bring a basic set of watercolors for underpainting and if you prefer some 140 lb watercolor paper.

Don't bring acrylics for underpainting unless you plan to use Kitty Wallace paper.

Old brushes for acrylic and watercolor underpainting -- sable or soft synthetic.

To View a Printable version of this Materials list Click Here

Students are lodged at a Indian Hills Inn here in Taos. Six nights included. This also includes a full breakfast every morning with your group before class. Check-in Sunday; Check-out Saturday. There will be a meet-and-greet for all class participants and your instructor on Sunday evening at 6 PM at the hotel before the start of class.
$460 single occupancy.
$310 each double occupancy.
These housing arrangements are paid directly to the school and are included in your Invoice/Registration Form.
July Class: Check-in Sunday; Check-out Saturday.
Please let us know if you will be staying with us and whether you want a single or double room. (Doubles are contingent upon finding a roommate for you within your class.)

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