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Taos Art School


July 10-16
Taught by Paul Murray
About Your Instructor | Artist Portfolio
Paul Murray Demo & Showing July 10-16, 2019

Taos offers an incredibly rich variety of subject matter, including
the Mighty Rio Grande River; Intimate gardens; Ancient Missions;
Native Taos Pueblo; Patchwork fields of hay and corn; Adobe architecture;
Lovely tended vineyards, & improbably vast skies.

Image: Paul Murray on the front cover of Artist MagazinePaul Murray featured
in the October 2014 issue of PASTEL JOURNAL
Artist featured in recent
Discovery Channel special

Janet Napolitano purchased a Murray Painting
Recent Article in The Albuquerque Journal

Limited to 12 participants
Level:  All levels of painters are welcome *
Materials Information | View Painting Sites

Image: Canyon painting by Paul Murray
"Canyon" by Paul Murray


Tiny Image: Mountain sheep It is beloved by painters because the quality of Light has been compared to the south of France.
Tiny Image: Mountain sheep Travelers seek it out because of its cool summer temperatures caused by its 7,000 ft elevation in the rocky mountains. (See weather)
Tiny Image: Mountain sheep Artists of all mediums have long sought out its authenticity and have made it an Artists’ Colony for over 100 years.
Tiny Image: Mountain sheep Taos offers an incredibly rich variety of subject matter, including the Mighty Rio Grande River; Intimate gardens; Ancient Missions; Native Taos Pueblo; Patchwork fields of hay and corn; Adobe architecture; & improbably vast skies.

Come join us for a luminous week outdoors painting in this very special place under the enthusiastic guidance of an award winning Plein Air Painter: Paul Murray.  Each day after breakfast we will travel to a spectacular site to paint. Paul will start with a demonstration, followed by individual assistance the rest of the day as you paint the scene.  He is a master at helping you grow beyond wherever your skill level currently is now. He will skillfully guide you thru the essentials of capturing a scene quickly by establishing  the values at the very beginning; seeing compositions amidst complexity; color theory; and much more.  The days’ schedule will vary according to the weather as well as individual inclinations.  For example, we may break in the middle of the day and gather again around 5 for a sunset scene.  There will also be evening critiques and a lecture on how to utilize your photographs to finish a painting.  This is a very full week of Painting, Learning, Nature immersion, and Camaraderie.

* Levels:  All levels of painters are welcome. We find that this works very well since the class is small, and the teacher's personalized attention focuses on assisting each participant to grow beyond the level of confidence and expertise they find themselves in at the moment. However, we do insist that each participant be familiar with their equipment, able to set up on their own, and most important, be enthusiastic about spending great time painting.

Feel free to Call us for more Information about this workshop.
We love to chat about our classes!


To be announced soon!

There is a small Art Supply Store in Taos: TAOS ART SUPPLY. You can call ahead to order any supplies you do not wish to travel with. 208 Ranchitos Rd, Taos, NM (575) 770-4824 The school has a few easels available for rental which must be arranged for ahead of time.


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image: Paul Murray, Plein Air beginning painting
Paul Murray

    Albert Einstein said “The mysterious is the most wonderful thing we can experience. It is the basis for all art and science.” The technology which science has created has made us prosperous and comfortable — and we hold it in high regard. But we should not elevate science at the expense of art; there is a great part of our life which can't be put into any formula. My goal as an artist is to explore these enigmatic ideas and illuminate those things which make life rich and valuable.
    It is axiomatic that science is the domain of the mind and art comes from the heart. Our mind by itself cannot tell us if something is right or wrong, true or false or if what we have done is worthwhile — unless our heart agrees.

www.murrayfineart.com | See Paul's Work | See His Awards


Image: Paul Murray's class for the Taos Art School
Paul Murray teaching a class on a spectacular site above the Rio Grande river. This was featured in a recent Discover Channel TV special where the Taos Art School was voted Best Art Experience in New Mexico.

See Video

Paul Murray Pastel Demo at Weems Galleries & Framing in Albuquerque, NM, starting at 1PM, Saturday, May 16, 2015.
Show from May 16 - June 30 | 505-293-6133 | www.weemsgallery.com | weems@weemsgallery.com

Image: Paul Murray Fine artist, demo and show in albuquerque, NM, May 16, 2015

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Paul Murray Featured in the October 2014 Issue of Pastel Journal
Image: Pastel Journal October 2014 Front Cover    Image: Pastel Journal Featuring Paul Murray

Creative Beginnings | Surface Treatments for Pastel

• Strokes of Genius: North Light Publications, 2012
• Art Journey America, Landscape: North Light
Publications, 2011
• International Association of Pastel Societies,
Master Circle, 2011
• Juror, Judge, Santa Fe Contemporary Spanish Market, 2011
• Artist in Residence, Grand Canyon NP, Summer 2010
• Door County Plein Aire Invitational, 2010
• Juror/Judge, Pastel Journal Top 100, 2010
• Distinguished Pastellist, Pastel Society of NM
• Elected Master Pastellist, Pastel Society of America
• Landscape Juror, Pastel Journal Top 100 Competition, 2010
• Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, Ohio, "Selections
from the Pastel Society of America Exhibition" 2009, 2006
• Outstanding Achievement Award, Masterworks of NM, 2008
• Museum of Albuquerque Miniatures Invitational Exhibition,
2010, 09, 08, 07
• University of New Mexico Homecoming Poster Artist, 2006
• Judge, NM State Fair Fine Arts & Crafts Fair, 2006
• Poster Artist, Weem's Artfest, 2005
• Judge for Miniatures, Masterworks of New Mexico, 2005
• Juror for the Rio Grande Artists Association
Annual Exhibit, 2005
• Poster Artist, New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair, 2004
• Signature Memberships, Pastel Society of America, Pastel
Society of New Mexico, Plein Air Painters of New Mexico

• US State Department, Permanent collection
• Sun Health Care, Corporate collection
• NM State Fair Fine Arts Gallery, Permanent Collection
• City of Albuquerque Public Art Collection
• Endura Associates Corporate Collection
• Miller, Stratvert, Torgerson, PA
• University of New Mexico

Recent National and International Awards
• Third Place, Landscape Competition, International
Artist Magazine.
• National Park Service, Online exhibit of Artists-in-Residence
artwork for all National Parks
• Pastel Journal Top 100: Honorable Mention, Landscape 2009,
2008, First Place, Landscape, 2007; Best of Show, Third
Place, Landscape, Honorable Mention, Landscape, 2006.
Honorable Mention, Landscape 2005, 2004, Three
honorable mentions, 2002.

• Miniature Arts Society of Florida, International Show,
First place, Drawing, 2011, First place, Pastel, 2010, Second
Place, Acrylic, 2007; Third Place Landscape, 2005; Second Place,
Exterior/Architectural, 2004
• Pastel Society of America International Exhibit;
NY Art Supply Award, 2009, Professional Artists of America
Award, 2006, Ridgeway Art Institute Award, 1999
• Artists Magazine Finalist, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2005 Competitions,
Honorable Mention & Published Image, 2003, Finalist, 2002
• Arts for the Parks, Mini 100 and Top 200, 2006; Mini 100, 2005;
Mini 100, Top 200, 2004; Top 100, Top 200,
Mini 100, 2002
• International Association of Pastel Societies
Grand Prix 'd Pastel, (Best of Show) 2001

Recently Published Articles
• Artist Magazine, Annual Calendar, 2012
• Artist Magazine, Two features on pastel Ground, 2011
• Artist Magazine, The Music of Light, October 2007
• Pastel Journal, Article on "Skies"
Afterword Column on final page, Oct. 2005
• American Artist Magazine, Six Page Article, April 2004
• International Artist Magazine Book, "How did They Paint That?"
Page 42, 2004
• Artist Magazine, Seven Page Article, January 2003
• International Artist Magazine, 10 page Article,
January, 2002

Recent Local Awards
• People's choice award in both Large Works and Small Paintings,
PSNM National Show 2012
• First Place, 2012, Second Place, 2011, First Place 2010, Small
works exhibit, Pastel Society of NM National Show
• First Place, 2010, 2007, Third Place, 2008, Rio Grande Arts
Association, Encantada Exhibit
Best of Show, Miniature Exhibit, 2007, 2004, 2003, 2002
First Place Miniature Acrylics, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2006,
Popular Choice Award, Miniatures, 2011, 2008, Popular Choice
Award, large exhibit, 2012, 2009, 2006, Third place in both Oil
and Pastel, 2009, Large Works, Masterworks of New Mexico
Best of Show, Masterworks of New Mexico, Large
Exhibit, 2005.
Best of Show, NM Arts & Crafts Fair, 2003
First Place, Pastel and George Marks Award for Excellence in
Southwestern Art, NM State Fair, 1998
Education: BFA, University of New Mexico,
with honors

Gallery Affiliations:
• Weems Galleries, Albuquerque, NM
• Francesca Anderson Fine Art, Boston, MA
• Hueys Fine Art, Santa Fe, NM

See List of Other Awards Below

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"To say an artist likes light is like saying a musician likes noise. But a musician is selective about the noise he or she picks in order to create music and that is what I try to do with Light as an artist. To me there is great emotional power in Light. It has the same qualities as music – it evokes emotions without using words."


Image: Paul Murray demonstrating
Paul Murray demonstrating

Other Magazine Covers featuring Paul Murray

Image: Paul Murray Cover of  The Artist's Magazine    Image: Paul Murray on Cover of

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Articles in Magazines about Paul Murray

Music of Light - an article about Artist Paul Murray in the October 2007 Artist's Magazine.

The Pastel Journal
April 2007

The Pastel Journal
April 2006

New Mexico Magazine
November 2005

The Pastel Journal
October 2005

Image: Rio Grande River

Images by Paul Murray Including Other Major Awards

"Ante Meridian"
Best of Show,
Pastel Journal Top 100 Competition, 2006
Winter Afternoon, La Cienega
Best of Show,
Masterworks of New Mexico, 2004

First Place,
Pastel Journal Top 100
Competition, 2007

Near San Ysidro
Best of Show,
Masterworks of New Mexico, 2003

"Memory Lane"
Professional Artists of America Award,
Pastel Society of America
Butler Institute of American Art Exhibit
"Best of the Pastel Society of
America National Show, 2006"

Entrada, Acequia Madre
Best of Show,
Masterworks of New Mexico, 2002

"Chama River"
"Grand Prix 'd Pastel H
(Best of Show)
International Association of
Pastel Societies, 2001
Morning, Capital Reef
Best of Show,
New Mexico Arts & Crafts Fair, 2003

"Abiquiu Afternoon"
Best of Show,
of New Mexico, 2005
"Requiem for Rust"
Best of Show,
of New Mexico, 2007

Artist Portfolio


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