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Taos Art School

Pastel Painting Northern New Mexico

Image: Paul Murray's class for the Taos Art School
Paul Murray teaching a class on a spectacular site above the Rio Grande river. This was featured in a recent Discover Channel TV
special where the Taos Art School was voted Best Art Experience in New Mexico. See Video.

Our first day will be spent at this riparian area of cottonwoods
and willows
growing along
the river banks.
Here the water is shimmering and slow,
the trees provide homes
for a variety
of small birds
and beaver often
swim near the shore.

Photo by Paul Murray

A ten minute walk
from one of our sites
is a place where
two rivers converge.
Here the air is filled
with the sound
of flowing water
and there are
a myriad
of painting possibilities.

Photo by Paul Murray


We take a scenic drive
35 miles north of Taos
to visit the Wild Rivers recreation area.
Here there are excellent
viewing points 800 feet
above the river to paint
this ribbon of life.

Photo by Paul Murray

This scene adjacent
to our classroom site
offers endless
to paint reflections

Photo by Paul Murray

Image: young woman by the Rio Grande

At the confluence
of the
Rio Grande
the Rio Pueblo,
a favorite picnic site!

Photo by Ursula Beck

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