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Materials List

Materials List

1. Portable easel or pochade box. French Easel for rent $65.
2. Linen mounted, canvas mounted, or gessoed panels: 6x8 (4ct), 8x10 (6ct), 9x12 optional These are minimum numbers, bring more if you can.
3. Paint: (oils are preferred) Titanium White (large tube), Ultramarine Blue (sm), Cadmium Lemon (sm), Cadmium Red Light (sm), Chromatic Black (sm), Yellow Ochre (optional), Cerulean Blue (optional). My recommended palette, you may bring other colors.
4. Brushes: Boar bristle # 6, # 8 (# 4, # 2 optional)
5. Palette knives: One large for scraping, one small and flexible for painting
6. Solvent in leak proof container (Gamsol recommended) For those of you flying, we will provide solvent for your use. Bring empty container.

7. Paper towels
8. View finder
9. Wide brimmed hat
10. Sunscreen
11. Insect repellent
12. Bottled water
13. Camera (optional)
14. Small sketchbook
15. Pencil, pen, or marker
16. Plastic trash bag (small)
17. Hiking boots or sturdy shoes
18. Pocket knife or utility tool
19. If you wish to bring wet paintings home you'll also need a panel carrier.

You may bring your own supplies, a suggested materials list is included above. One piece of equipment that a beginning outdoor painter might not already have is a portable French Easel, so, we will have some of these available for rent ($50). This must be arranged and paid for at time of registration. For those of you flying, we will provide solvent.



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