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Instructor: Jimmy Longacre

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"New Mexico is magnificent,
half your work is done
for you here."


PLEIN AIR MAGAZINE - February / March 2015.
  On page 47, there is a wonderful article about Jimmy,
including his philosophy of teaching as well as
samples of his work.    View PDF File here

Georgia O’Keeffe loved the landscapes of Northern New Mexico, which changed her way of seeing forever. Her paintings of this very special place from the 1930’s-40’s are among her best known. What interested Georgia was abstracting the complex landscapes in front of her.

We will travel to 5 of her favorite painting sites for a full day of Plein-Air painting with a picnic lunch.

Walking in her footsteps, we have a chance to see thru her eyes, and then let the inspiration inherent in these places seep into our souls to be expressed in our own way.

Each participant in the class will be supported to interpret these iconic images in their own way. Photography is encouraged in order to collect reference for more paintings at home.

PAINTING SITES: Stay tuned to see specific sites we will take you too with photos which will be available here soon.


Mid Week:

Image: Ghost Ranch in New mexicoYou have the option of seeing Georgia O'Keeffe's home on a tour in Abiquiu. We will be painting one day in Abiquiu at the Ghost Ranch, which is just down the street from the home, so it is convenient for those who wish to see the unique style of this artist's living space and studio.

Arrangements must be made ahead of time.


More photos of O'Keeffe home:

Friday & Saturday night and all weekend:

Image: Taos Fall ArtsTAOS FALL ARTS: http://www.taosfallarts.com/
We have specifically arranged for this painting class to be offered the week before Taos' very special FALL ARTS events. Since many of you will be traveling from a distance, this is your once-a-year chance to see the best Taos has to offer.

THE PASEO on Friday night has become an international Festival event dedicated to bringing the art of installation, performance and projection to the streets of Taos, New Mexico.

ART SHOWS: Then, starting Saturday, there are two town-wide art shows; TAOS SELECTS, which is juried - see the best, & TAOS OPEN, which is open to all - see who is up-and-coming.

FILM: There is also an

GALLERIES: Each of our many galleries put on a special show for this time of year.

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Class Description


“It is the interpretation that makes the work.” 
                                                – Camille Corot

Being able to paint your own interpretation of the landscape is what makes it fun! 

            Our job is not to take dictation from nature, faithfully recording details.  Boring!  We want to learn to interpret what we find there.  To accomplish this we first need to know how to “see” properly, and then to use a simple process that allows us to create an expressive design that brings out our own intent.  These two skills are the basis for having more fun painting. The good news is, they are not primarily dependent upon how well you draw, or handle paint!  Our technical skills improve as we more clearly understand how to “see” properly, and use the language of expressive design.             This workshop will focus on helping early to intermediate painters to observe nature with a “painter’s eye”, and then to create their own personal interpretation of the landscape by using an easy to understand process.  We’ll give special attention to three topics that will dramatically raise your interpretive abilities: “The Harmonizing Elements of Light”, “The Transforming Power of Notan”, and “The Freeing Effect of Color Temperature”. This is not a how-to-paint-like-me workshop.  I’ve found that the all-important fun-factor goes up as we get a handle on “seeing” properly and understanding how to create our own interpretation of the landscape.

Student Photos from Last Year's Class

Image: Students painting
Students having lunch with the teacher between painting sessions.
Talk-talk-talking about art and life !
Photo credit: Deborah Cannon

Image: Students
Teacher demonstrating a painting above the Rio Grande River
while students gather around to watch. This is a rare teacher who can
talk during his demos and students are welcome to ask questions...
A great way to learn.

Please feel free to call us about this workshop.
We love to chat about our classes
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About Our Instructor


I enjoy painting both outdoors (plein air) and in the studio. Most of my paintings begin outdoors where, for me, the interpretation begins. Many of my paintings are finished on site, while others are completed in my studio.  I describe my painting style as Subjective Realism. The viewer’s act of making closure on my interpretation is integral to my process. Although my paintings are based upon the everyday things around us, I’m not really interested in giving a literal account of  ‘things’ or ‘reality’ as I find it.  I enjoy using design, color and paint-handling to present a more poetic experience for the viewer. I believe that it is the interpretation that makes the work, and hope that you will enjoy being involved.
Image: Jimmy Longacre


Jimmy Longacre was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico in 1947.  At an early age his family moved to San Antonio, Texas.

Through grade school he filled his notebooks with drawings of Davy Crockett, Superman, cowboys, Indians, airplanes and spaceships, to share with his friends. Jimmy graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art, and then earned a Master of Fine Art degree from Syracuse University. 

Jimmy fed his artistic interests on the masters of the Golden Age of American Illustration and the American Impressionists. In following his early passion for these he enjoyed a career as an award-winning freelance illustrator and painter for twenty-five years.

He taught drawing and painting on the faculties of The University of Texas College of Fine Art and Austin Community College. Today, Jimmy Longacre is a full-time landscape painter, and lives with his wife on a hilltop in the Texas hill country, near Dripping Springs. 

Artist Portfolio



2016_Plein Air Southwest Annual Juried Exhibition

2016_Signature Membership in Outdoor Painters Society

2015_Master Signature Membership Artists Of Texas

2015_En Plein Air Texas Invitational

2015_Selected in the FAV15% of The August BoldBrush Painting Competition

2014_Honorable Mention_En Plein Air Texas Invitational

2014_Selected in the FAV15% of The September BoldBrush Painting Competition

2014_Best In Show_ Kerrville Outdoor Painters Event_Quick Draw

2014_Second Place_ Kerrville Outdoor Painters Event

2014_One Man Show_Art Center of Corpus Christi_"Subjective Realities"

2014_Honorable Mention_Oil Painters of America Spring Showcase

2013_People's Choice Award_Port Aransas Coastal Paintout

2013_Honorable Mention_Kerrville Outdoor Painters Event

2012_Best In Show_Outdoor Painters Society Associates Showcase

2012_First Place_Columbus Folk Fest Paintout

2012_Second Place_Columbus Folk Fest Paintout

2012_Second Place_Marble Falls Paint The Town

2012_Honorable Mention_Plein Air Southwest Associates Showcase



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Above: Participants watching a demonstration on site at ‘the White Place’ Canyon, 2008

Georgia O'Keeffe talking about her life and work - 1977

There is a small Art Supply Store in Taos: TAOS ART SUPPLY. You can call ahead to order any supplies you do not wish to travel with. 208 Ranchitos Rd, Taos, NM (575) 770-4824.
The Taos Art School has a few easels available for rental which must be arranged for ahead of time.

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Image: The White Place, Georgia O'Keeffe plein air painting class
"The White Place," Abiquiu, NM
Image: Abiquiu, Pedernal, Plein Air, pleinair painting in Georgia O'Keeffe's back yard
Ghost Ranch with Pedernal in the background.
Pedernal is the mountain Georgia O'Keeffe painted
many, many times.
When asked if she thought she owned it,
she said:
"Well, God told me
if I painted it enough,
I could have it."


P.O. BOX 2588, TAOS, NEW MEXICO, 87571

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