Taos Art School

Plein Air Painting Workshop
in Georgia O'Keeffe's Back Yard

Materials List

Portable easel
Odorless mineral spirits & leak-proof container (@ 8 oz. size)
Palette knife (Suggested: wooden handle with offset 2 to 3” stainless steel blade.)
Portable Palette with plenty of mixing room (11x14 or larger)
(WARNING: Paper palettes  are flimsy, messy substitutes for an important piece of your equipment. They do not hold up to vigorous paint handling, and will seriously frustrate your learning to mix and manage paint.)
Paper towel rolls and plastic trash bags
Medium (optional): Liquin, Galkyd, Res-n-gel, etc.

Small sketch book (4x6 is plenty),
Broad tip black pen with brush-tip or broad-tip.  A fat tipped Sharpie will work, but I like the Tombow N15 Dual-Brush pen.  The brush tip works perfectly for the purpose, and the ink doesn’t bleed through the paper.  I order them from a major online art supply.

Canvas or Linen Panels ( The inexpensive ones are fine for our purposes.  
I suggest having a few of  8x10, 9x12, to 11x14)  Wet panel carriers are handy.

Brushes: a selection of  hog bristle or firm synthetics, a selection of #2 through #10 
(Flats or Filberts, your choice.)  A small liner brush comes in handy, too.

Suggested basic palette: (or bring what you’re comfortable with)
            Titanium or Titanium/Zinc White (large tube) (I like Permalba white. It’s creamy, non-yellowing, and relatively inexpensive.), 
            Ivory Black 
            Cadmium Yellow Lt 
            Yellow Ochre (or Gold Ochre)             
            Cadmium Orange (optional)
            Cadmium Red Lt
            Transparent Earth Red (or Brnt Sienna),
            Permanent Alizarin
            Ultramarine Blue
            Cerulean Blue Hue (optional)
            Viridian Hue (optional)

Bring a selection of photo-reference (your own, or collected).  Copyright problems will not be an issue for our purposes.  I suggest that for the best learning experience you don't choose the work of other artists.  Avoid obviously poor photos, and make sure they are large enough that you can easily see the subject matter.  

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