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Taos Art School

Pastel en Plein Aire with Paul Murray July 2009 - http://taosartschool.org/PApastel_cl_pics/PApastelclpics_09.html

Beginning Plein Aire with Rich Gallego June 2009 - http://taosartschool.org/begPA_cl_pics/begPAclpics_09.html

Pearl Sunrise Navajo Weaving Workshop July 2009 - http://taosartschool.org/pearl_cl_pics/pearlclpics_09.html

Lucy Lewis Pottery Class Summer 2009 - http://taosartschool.org/ll_classes/llclpics_09.html

Canyon de Chelly Creative Odyssey Autumn 2008: http://taosartschool.org/cdc_classes/cdc_08.html

Traditional Hopi Pottery Class Sept. 2008: http://taosartschool.org/hopi_ptcl/hopiptcl_08.html

Lucy Lewis Pottery Class Summer 2008 (None): http://taosartschool.org/ll_classes/llclpics_08.html

Plein Air Painting in O'Keeffe Country with Rich Nichols Summer 2008: http://taosartschool.org/OKpaintcl_pics/OKpaint_08.html

Plein Air Painting Summer 2008 (None): http://taosartschool.org/PA_paint_clpics/PA_08.html

O'Keeffe Tour Summer 2008: http://taosartschool.org/OKtourcl_pics/OKtour_08.html

Frida Kahlo with Larry Torres Summer 2007: http://taosartschool.org/frida_class_pics/fridat07.html

Equine Basics with Lynn Summer 2007: http://taosartschool.org/canter_classes/canter_paint07.html

Lucy Lewis Class Summer 2007: http://taosartschool.org/ll_classes/ll07.html

Canyon De Chelly Expedition Autumn 2006: http://taosartschool.org/cdc_classes/cdc_paint06.html


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